Europe's biggest and most secure farming datacenter located in Switzerland


It's super simple - your farming infrastructures are already up and running. We connect you to the Threefold Grid and your IT capacity goes live.
We take care of everything else in our datacenter!


Farming Magic

Farming Threefold Tokens is as simple as snow. We connect your farming infrastructure to the Threefold Grid and provide you with the highest Token returns by increasing your Service Level Agreement.

We do more than only powering your infrastructure and connecting it to the Internet. A dedicated team and an unique location in Switzerland makes Bancadati farm cooperative your most reliable partner.

  • Full service monitoring of your farming infrastructure
  • Always access to most optimised hardware configs
  • Uptime guaranteed based on SLAs
  • Located in Switzerland, most neutral country in the world
  • A real green datacenter 

ThreeFold Tokens Overview

ThreeFold is bringing Internet capacity to the edge of the network by using a “hyper-distributed” architecture powered by the ThreeFold Chain. The Internet capacity is managed by independent ThreeFold Farmers who run efficient computing and storage devices in a decentralized environment spread throughout the globe. ThreeFold's goal is to make IT capacity accessible to all: securely, equally and seamlessly through environmentally-sustainable technology.



ThreeFold Token 

ThreeFold Token (TFT's) is a utility token backed by sustainable and scalable IT capacity. TFT's (ThreeFold Tokens) are the exclusive means to buy and sell Internet capacity on the ThreeFold Grid. TFT's can only be issued by the ThreeFold Chain when hardware is connected and verified. Such issuance of TFTs is called “Farming”, i.e. just like certain cryptocurrencies get ”mined”.


ThreeFold Grid 

The ThreeFold Grid is a global capacity directory used by users, developers, and businesses to buy the most affordable and efficient IT capacity. A Farmer lists capacity on the TF Grid, which is the global capacity directory, used to host decentralized, neutral and sustainable Internet capacity (storage and computing) network powered by the ThreeFold Chain (TF's Blockchain). Farming tokens can be compared to Bitcoin mining, but, has a zero-energy waste concept since Farming means generating power efficient and usable IT Capacity.


Bancadati cooperative

Our role is to help you in becoming a Farmer, manage your uptime on the ThreeFold Grid and provide you with the best possible Service Level Agreement, so you can gain the highest number of Tokens from connecting and presenting Internet capacity.


Manage Uptime

Bancadati takes care of the hardware procurement and infrastructure management for those who don't want to deal with managing IT infrastructure but still want to become Farmers on the ThreeFold Grid.

List Capacity

Bancadati publishes and makes available capacity on the ThreeFold Grid as well as advertising our capacity with local and regional developer communities in order to promote our capacity all over Europe.

Threefold and GIG

Threefold is bringing a new kind of Internet to the world. It starts with a different set of economics and technology.


ThreeFold is taking advantage of the superior software of GIG Technology to power a new Internet from the ground up. We use our own Operating System (Zero-OS) directly onto the nodes to drive capacity into the Threefold Grid. Our robots detect and create a large-scale capacity inventory for data storage and application workloads. 


Bancadati connects your IT capacity the Threefold Grid and you get incentivised by farming Threefold Tokens. You, as Farmer, also receive Tokens when your IT capacity is bought and used on global scale to run varieties of IT workloads.


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