What is Bancadati farming cooperative ?

Bancadati is a Farming Cooperative that provides Internet capacity on the ThreeFold Grid.

What is the ThreeFold Foundation?

The ThreeFold Foundation is the founding organization of the ThreeFold Grid that now focuses its energy 100% on the marketing and promotion of the usage and adoption of the ThreeFold Capacity to it’s prospected users.

What is the relationship between Bancadati farming cooperative and the ThreeFold Foundation?

ThreeFold Foundation is a pure promotion vehicle for the usage of the ThreeFold Grid, Bancadati is a 100% independent organisation with the main goals to grow the ThreeFold Grid making the IT capacity available.

Examples of IT Workloads which can run on the ThreeFold Grid:

  • web applications
  • data archiving
  • generic storage (e.g. using the S3 storage interface)
  • container workloads (e.g. using the Kubernetes interface)
  • artificial intelligence workloads
  • online gaming
  • content delivery
  • video surveillance
  • test workloads for developers

What is a ThreeFold Token or TFT ?

The ThreeFold Token is the payment vehicle for the ThreeFold Grid. It’s used to pay for capacity usage.